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Supergrid™ is the world’s first space-creating furniture system with built-in change management. A patented solution that helps create open work environments and extends your existing office concept into open space.
Each and every day, if you like.
That’s Supergrid™:
Premium quality

Space-creating - Spaces, tailored for you.

Supergrid™ will structure spaces, floors and whole buildings for highly individual open work settings. Create rooms, passageways, work areas and retreats – exactly where they are needed.

Flexible - New solutions for new work.

Supergrid™ will make sure that your open space fits perfectly to your workforce and their workflow. Supergrid™’s patented connector system simply allows temporary structures and flexible regrouping once the work is done.

Trustworthy - Open space with a strong personality.

Supergrid™ combines the best of both – open and closed space concepts. A new standard for collaboration that easily overcomes the typical preconceptions against open space: For example, Supergrid™ can be used to create separate individual retreat zones – plus all the space your workforce needs to flourish.

Patented - One system, countless options.

There’s something very special about Supergrid™: the specially designed connector. It allows a modular regrouping of elements or parts without having to dismantle the whole structure each and every time. Simply combine and arrange modules as you see, fit and create the perfect open space for your requirements.

Premium Quality - Built for the highest standards. Yours.

Supergrid™ is much more than just another innovative system “made in Germany”: It’s the all-round worry-free solution that meets and succeeds all demands – from premium design to high end quality. Our personal support experts will be there for you. From the initial consideration right through the set up. Plus, we’ll guarantee top service, an excellent price-performance ratio and, hands down, absolutely binding delivery dates.

Exemplary - Lufthansa Industry Solutions open space.

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Lufthansa Industry Solutions trusted in Supergrid™ to implement their highly individual, cutting-edge workspace concept at their Raunheim location in Germany.


New: Supergrid™ Frame

Ready - Avail yourself of open space!

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Become an open space architect now. Create your perfectly individual workspace – for today and the day after tomorrow. Contact us now!



Learn more on how Supergrid™ makes open space planning and arranging super easy. Just download the modules overview to get an idea of the versatile and flexible options this system has to offer.