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Supergrid™ is the world’s first space-creating furniture system with built-in change management. Benefit from our patented solution that can easily and effectively be adjusted to facilitate different ways of use. The system's unique structure can be adapted to countless office settings such as open spaces for agile teams or quiet refuges
that offer the possibility of calm contemplation.
That’s Supergrid™:
Premium quality

Space-creating - Systematic variety.

Supergrid™ will structure spaces, floors and whole buildings for highly individual open work settings. Create rooms, passageways, work areas and retreats – exactly where they are needed.

Flexible - New solutions for new work.

Versatile open spaces with Supergrid™: our furniture system effortlessly adapts to temporary office settings as well as changing work procedures. Due to its patented connector system, the Supergrid™ furniture system can
be customised to reflect any changes to team structures.

Trustworthy - Open space with a strong personality.

 Supergrid™ combines the best of both worlds – open and closed space concepts. It offers a new standard of team collaboration that easily overcomes the typical preconceptions against open space settings. Supergrid™ can be used to create acoustically separate retreat zones, getting people to be more focused at work while having enough space
for their individual development.

Patented - One system, countless options.

A patented and customised connector is the centrepiece of our Supergrid™ system. It allows for single furniture elements to be quickly connected or disconnected to create new settings without having to dismantle the entire structure. Individual furniture modules can be added or removed to adapt effortlessly to the requirements of changing team constellations
within your company.

Premium quality - Perfected design.

Any truly sophisticated design needs to be implemented in a consistent manner − a goal we tirelessly pursued when creating the Supergrid™ system. By using only superior materials and precise machining processes “made in Germany”, we designed Supergrid™ to be both versatile and highly functional while at the same time pleasing the eye due to superior aesthetics.

Exemplary - Lufthansa Industry Solutions open space.

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Lufthansa Industry Solutions trusted in Supergrid™ to implement their highly individual, cutting-edge workspace concept at their Raunheim location in Germany.


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Expert consulting - Get started with us!

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Although planning an office setting with Supergrid™ may represent a certain challenge, it offers a nearly endless range of furnishing solutions. We’re happy to accompany your project with customised consulting services, for instance by helping you sketch your furniture arrangements or providing you with a tailored service offer. Don’t hesitate to contact us directly if you have any questions on our trading partners and delivery options:

Germany 0/1/2/3
Timur Elmas: +49 172 4084111

Germany 4/5/6
Sebastian Wille: +49 160 6645325

International Inquiries / Key Accounts
Markus Schiffer: +49 173 7589275

Artis Space Systems

Tools and documentation used for planning your office setting including CAD files, power point presentations, or price lists will be provided upon request. Download an overview of all furniture modules here to catch
a first glimpse of Supergrid™: