Plan your Module sections

Plan your Module sections

When planning office concepts, workflows are structured and organizational structures are transformed into floor plans, while functionality and aesthetics should correlate with the needs of the user teams: Become an Architect for Open Space.

As a hybrid between open space and enclosed work environment, Supergrid™ is an ideal partner for your office space planning!
The system is timeless with an understated design while allowing for a great deal of individuality and flexibility in furnishings. It replaces walls and can be adapted to spaces and needs.

Those responsible for facility and change management can use this space-creating office furniture system to design an infrastructure base that can be added to later – even collaboratively with inventory from other office furniture manufacturers.

Less coordination of many external trades and more time to finally take care of the phone line…
Look forward to an empty suggestion box!

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The Supergrid™ basic modules (A) are GS tested by the German Institute for Furniture Technology Rosenheim GmbH.
And also otherwise we attach great importance to repairability, high value and the reusability of all individual parts and materials…