Supergrid™ Frame is a lightweight and portable furniture solution that is perfectly suited for agile and efficient work environments.
Supergrid™ Frame is:
Premium quality

Flexible office solutions to foster productive workflows

Agile teams working in an open-plan environment can be most productive when supported by the right office infrastructure enabling them to focus on the job anywhere and at any given moment. Thus, we and our partners from Dark Horse Innovation developed a lightweight, portable furniture solution that allows for a free exchange of ideas while at the same time fostering productive workflows and creative teamwork — especially when combined with our space-creating Supergrid™ furniture system.

Supergrid™ Frame serves both as portable room divider and vertical working surface. Available with surfaces made from recycled leather or sound-absorbing fabrics, it helps divide the office into acoustically and visually separated workspaces. This can be further enhanced by retrofitting the base structure with additional divider panels. Both sides of the Supergrid™ Frame can be used as working surfaces such as bulletin boards or post-it walls. Video screens can be added to the structure via plug-on mounting brackets.

The unique design of the side panels makes it possible to connect multiple Frames in order to adapt to architectural or work-related needs.

Our goal was to develop a lightweight, portable furniture system to support agile teams at work. – Wolf Deiß

Our Supergrid™ Diskette can be mounted to the Supergrid™ Frame to serve as a whiteboard. It can be used for writing on both sides and weighs only 2.5 kilos, thus making it the perfect solution for spontaneous open-plan team meetings.

The Supergrid™ Diskette is mounted to the Frame via patented magnetic corner joints, which allow for several Diskettes to be stacked securely on top of each other. When removed from the Frame, the Diskette can be connected with each other via magnets to create a complex system of whiteboards. The corner joints can be reused on new Diskettes, making them not only cost-efficient but also good for the environment.

Agile office design

Due to their high-quality design, our new Supergrid™ Frames integrate seamlessly with the space-creating Supergrid™ furniture system, allowing for spontaneous workshops in open-plan environments — wherever your team is working at the moment.

Versatile applications

Thanks to the magnetic corner joints, the Supergrid™ Diskettes can be attached to any magnetic surface besides those belonging to the Supergrid™ Frame system. Furthermore, the size and layout of the Diskettes align perfectly with the Supergrid™ furniture system.

Supergrid™ Table

Round, convenient and extremely functional

At the Supergrid™ Table, team communication occurs at eye level due to its round shape which defies traditional hierarchical seating arrangements. Adapted to average standing height, this innovative high table encourages people to stay on the move during a meeting. The Supergrid™ Table enables any team to change perspective instantly, thus creating the perfect setting for creative projects or workshops. Office paraphernalia such as post-its or marker pens can be placed in the table’s spacious middle, making them always available for the team and helping them to maintain focus on the work itself. Another advantage for agile teams is the ability to easily mount and dismount the Supergrid™ Table almost without using any tools – due to the innovative plug-in connector system integrated into the wooden table structure, there are no screws necessary.

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