Supergrid™ in the showroom “RAUM auf ZEIT”

Supergrid™ in the showroom “RAUM auf ZEIT”

“Unique office worlds to feel good for efficient & ergonomic work.”

This is what S+W BüroRaumKultur stands for. As a service provider for all aspects of office design, S+W offers a comprehensive customer advisory system.

We have now been working together with S+W for 3 years on agile and sustainable solutions for offices. We are very pleased to be represented “live” in Munich with our Supergrid™ by an extremely competent and proven partner.

Get a personal consultation at the Showroom RAUM auf ZEIT!

Module section with storage space, locker, cloakroom and alcove


At S+W, the supergrid separates the cafeteria from the work area. In the communal area, there are modules with cloakrooms and lockers, and the Alkove is a popular island for employees during their lunch break.

At the back of the office area, whiteboards support the team in their communication and panels with acoustically effective fabric coverings dampen the noise level and provide colourful accents.

Back office with acoustic panels, privacy screen, whiteboard and storage space

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