Artis Space Systems GmbH acts as distributor of our Supergrid™ furniture system for
agile office environments.

Our Mission

Modular office furniture
of superior quality

We consider ourselves true experts when it comes to manufacturing premium furniture. Ever since the company was created in 1994, Artis has produced technically complex and visually unique furniture solutions of superior quality (Artis Engineering GmbH). Based on several decades of experience, we develop high-end modular office furniture for dynamic work environments. While striving to create practical solutions, the company maintains close ties to multiple change management players. By setting up Artis Space Systems GmbH, we created our own distribution company.

Our claim

Producing furniture in Berlin
with an eye on the environment

We strive to prevent as much damage to the environment as possible across the whole production cycle from product development to manufacturing. Thus, the company’s top priorities are the superior quality and durability of its products as well as their ability to be repaired easily.

We look forward to hearing from you!